Old Files from Meetings

Safety Action Plan
Telecommuting Infograph
Recessions & Housing
Signing in Representative Capacity
Inspection form changes
WRE Form 49B
Cobalt & Sapphire Pricing List
Cobalt & Sapphire Presentation
Angelina Mayorova Artist Video on We Are Kirkland
Buyer Capital Information
WAK Social Media Report (Feb)
8 x 8 Tracking Form
WRE Co 2018 Business Planner
WRE ProDev 2018 business plan
WRE ProDev 2018 Marketing Plan
Agent Back-up Agreement
Broker Approval for Associate-Principal Transaction
Notice of Appointed Sub-Agent(s)
Penrith Updated Bridge Loan Docs
DOL Advertising Guidelines
Top Ten Must Do's For a Fully Engaged Business
Make a Difference and SOC Matter
Puget Sound Population Trends
Puget Sound Trends
Five Points to Articulate Your Value
11 reasons FSBO is a terrible idea
2016 Rental Marketing Statistics Packet
Rock Your Facebook-Webinar Recording Alderbrook Files
Zelman and Associates Powerpoint Presentation
October 18 2016 Meeting Summary
WRE 40 - Repair Addendum
WRE 49 - Fraud Alert
WRE 38 - Dual Agency Awareness Checklist
September 6 2016 Meeting Summary
Revamped Information and Disclosure Receipt Packet
June 21 2016 Meeting Summary
WRE Form 41 Buyer Optional Clauses
June 14 2016 Meeting Summary
Using Transaction Desk and Authentisign for Offer
Checklists: Listing | Seller | Buyer (Excel)
2015-Best Day to Look at Offers
2015-Best Day to List
How to Take Pictures of Texts and Email to Yourself
2016 List Price to Sold Price Ratios through March '16
2015 Rental Stats Packet
Guide to internet safety (PowerPoint)
Seller Declines Offer (Word)

3 Charts That Scream List Your Home Today
The Name on Your Sign Matters
2016 Windermere Cup Shore Party
Septic Training Manual (King County)
Pre-Inspection Discussion
Offer Instructions - Examples
Multiple Offer Emergency Pack (update)
Feb 2016 Talking Points
Merge Documents on the Paperless Pipeline
Create New Offer on Paperless Pipeline
Dan Given's Quartly List to Sold Price report
Does the selling office commission matter?
List of Charities
Multiple Offer Emergency Pack
5 Elements of the Perfect Presentation
Agents: Affirmations of Your Value